About Us

NVA Consultant Sdn Bhd

NVA Consultant Sdn Bhd (NVAC) is a team who fully aware and focus on the performances of network and application to ensure business continuity. We bring together people, processes and technologies to enable more effective and dynamic use of ICT solution in customer’s infrastructure. Together with our experiences team in network deep packet inspection and application source code investigation, NVAC is the ideal team to engage for large infrastructure with end-to-end managed services provider on network and application focus.

Along the way NVAC also provide solutions and services on security segment such as how to ensure your Database are protected as well as your network security are secured.

NVAC are mainly focus on customer’s expectation on fully utilize the invested reporting tools as well as large infrastructure investment. As the objective of client invested in those tools to help on monitor the KPI of network and application, therefore, the said application should be fully utilize and always update the performances degraded of the network or application without giving hassle to client.

Our Mission & Vision

To be YOUR TRUSTED EYEs to ensure the network and business critical application are always in tip-top performances and protected.